Mussel Rock Landfill

Daly City, California


City of Daly City


TERRA’s cost-effective professional services allowed the City to achieve substantial cost-savings in environmental monitoring.

Mussel Rock Landfill is located along the Pacific Coast and, because of an unfavorable geologic setting, has been the site of significant landslides and erosion in the past.
The City of Daly City negotiated a closure plan for the landfill with the Regional Water Quality Control Board. This closure plan requires monthly observations of the performance of drainage features at the landfill, quarterly observations of water levels in monitoring wells, and semi-annual sampling and testing of 5 monitoring wells and 5 springs. The monthly observations and the results of the groundwater levels and water quality measurements are provided in annual and semi-annual reports to the Regional Water Quality Control Board.
In 2004 Terra Engineers, Inc. was awarded a two-year contract with a value of $30,000 to conduct the environmental monitoring at this site. This represented a substantial cost savings to the City of Daly City for environmental monitoring and was achieved by TERRA through streamlining of the approach to sampling and testing and using a specialty subcontractor to sample the monitoring wells.
TERRA also recommended that the scope and frequency of sampling and testing be reviewed with the Regional Water Quality Control Board and possibly reduced because the data had been remarkably consistent during the first five years of the monitoring program.

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