Merrill Creek Reservoir

Harmony township, New Jersey


Merrill Creek Owners Group


Principals of TERRA have been continuously involved with the Merrill Creek Reservoir since the pre-design site investigations.


This 16-billion gallon off-stream reservoir is impounded by a 290-ft high dam and 3 dikes, all earth and rockfill embankments. The reservoir includes a 200-ft high inlet/outlet tower and is connected to a pumphouse on the Delaware River by a 3.2-mile long pipeline. The reservoir was built by a group of electric utility companies to provide supplemental water to the river and compensate for the consumptive use of river water by the electric-generating facilities. In addition, it is a valuable recreational asset for the community.
Guilaine Roussel of TERRA has been continuously involved with the reservoir since the original investigation in 1979. She was lead Civil/Geotechnical Engineer and Project Manager during design and construction of the facility starting in 1979 and she continues to act as the Designer of Record. Similarly, Robert Kirby has been involved with various aspects of the Merrill Creek Reservoir since the original design of the facility in 1981.
In January 2008, TERRA was awarded a five-year contract extension to continue our on-going geotechnical consulting services; i.e., annual inspections; review and evaluation of geotechnical instrumentation data; preparation of Annual and Summary Reports; and consulting support to the Owners, as necessary.
In May 2008, TERRA was awarded a five-year contract for the operation and maintenance of the facility. This assignment involves on-site daily visual inspection of the structures, monitoring of the instrumentation installed in the dam and dikes and around the reservoir, preventive and corrective maintenance activities of the mechanical and electrical systems, and public relations. These services are provided through a staff of five full-time on-site technicians under the direction of Ms. Roussel.

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